Digital Menu and WhatsApp ordering solutions.

A new, quick, and efficient way for your customers to view and order your products!

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Your digital menu will be available for viewing and ordering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There's no need to send out lengthy and out-of-date catalogues anymore.

WhatsApp Order

Customer can send orders from anywhere on WhatsApp, finish chat, and place order.

Happy customer

Slow response times can turn off many customers. A dashboard can assist you in keeping track of orders and delivering your products and services without fear of missing orders.

Multiple language

Perfect for many business owners, it supports multiple languages and allows you to select your preferred language.

Easy Payment

You can simplify payments on your online store and get paid faster. QR Menu accepts bank transfers, Stripe, and more!


Configure and generate proper invoices for your users and display potential discount codes.

Dedicated Support

If there are any problems, we are here to help.


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Free Forever

Features of Free Forever
  • Unlimited Menu Categories
  • Unlimited Menu Items Per Category
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • Allow companies to accept orders
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